Welcome to the Network and Data Security Group (NDSec)

Network and data security is one of the important research fields at the Department of Applied Computer Science within University of Applied Sciences Fulda. Our research group is focusing on several exciting but crucial topics in networking and data security, particularly network intrusions. Some of the scientific fields we are interested in addressing those issues are:

  • Cryptographic methods and its implementation in e-commerce
  • Network Security
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Pattern Recognition including Machine Learning techniques and Knowledge Discovery

Our research work tends to national as well as EU projects. Recent achievement of the NDSec group is the design and implementation of an Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection System within the research project SecMonet. That system is capable to classify a network system to be normal or anomalous. The main components of the architecture are: A traffic collector (OptiFilter) for high speed networks, a newly developed classification approach based on artificial neural networks (Enhanced GHSOM) and an adoption of the classical k-means clustering algorithm modeling the normal network behavior. In this project we discovered several new disciplines and gathered new perceptions. We achieved excellent scientific results which could be placed on international conferences and journals respectively.

last modified: 16.06.2016 17:40