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International Workshop


June, 3-5 2005, Borowetz-Sofia, Bulgaria


Greetings from Georg Kahn-Ackermann: On Informatics and Policy


Dear Chairmen, Prof. Assenova and Prof. Stainov,

Dear participants in the workshop,


Thank you for your invitation to me, to give greetings for your important workshop. Informatics is established in the last decades as fundamental science and is more and more applied in all fields of society, i.e. the humanity lives in the information society. Bulgaria is accepted as member of the European Union: The financial support for better economical life could not be effective applied (used) without support for better science.


This is the reason why the International Council for Scientific Development (ICSD) with its central body, the International Academy of Science (IAS) proposes projects concerning the foundation of International Universities IU), Int. Hospitals, Int. Centres for Ecology, etc. Informatics is of especial importance for these projects. In my contributions to the ICSD-conference in Austria (Schloß Tratzberg/Tyrol) and to the governmental ICSD-conference in Germany (Güstrow-Rostock) I appointed the strategical importance of our organization for a better situation of future humanity. Our scientific members presently are preparing concrete proposals about the foundation of an IU, beginning with the creation of Int. Faculties for Anthropology, Medicine and Pedagogy. On these faculties are to be founded int. institutes or departments for informatics.


It will be recommendable to found also an independent Faculty for Informatics. As new member of the EU social responsible Bulgarian scientists in the field of informatics, together with their colleagues from other sciences could play a leading role in the creation of a Faculty for Informatics. A project on this field with concrete proposals concerning better education and research in the field of informatics, related to application in science, medicine, ecology and economy must be supported politically and financially, because this is conform with the efforts of the EU and UN for a better situation in all countries (aims of Agenda 21 of UN). In the name of the Presidium of ICSD/IAS and as an European politician, incl. in the position of Gen. Secr. of Eur. Council in the past time as well as former Member of the German Parliament, I give my best recommendations for your workshop and I hope that the participants will be included in commissions for our ICSD-projects.