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INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE (IAS)  -  Committees for Science and Education



International Workshop


June, 3-5 2005, Borowetz-Sofia, Bulgaria



Introduction: On Computer Science and Education


Philosophy as science of science implies the essential knowledge of all natural, socio-economic, spiritual and technical sciences. Logic with its central discipline mathematical logic is a methodical fundament of science: The computer science has opened a new dimension in the development of science itself, and within human society. In context of an enlargement of European Union Bulgarian and German scientists initiated this Workshop on Computer Science and Education as a small supporting model for European and international cooperation concerning discussions and proposals for a better education in this field and better application in science itself and society concerning ICSD-aims.


The International Council for Scientific Development (ICSD) with its central body, the International Academy of Science (IAS), supports all efforts about humanization, higher effectiveness (without stress) and pluralistic internationalization of science, medicine, ecology, economy, etc. This is the reason why the workshop is co-organized by leading members and supported by this organization. For the future we hope to receive financial support for enlarged European and international conferences, leading to the creation of an International Faculty for Informatics via a network of national ones, supporting the efforts of different institutions for a better situation in the field of education, health, ecology, economy, etc. in industrial and developing countries in context of Agenda 21 of United Nations.