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Dr. Alexander Osipowicz

Professor at University of Applied Science - HS Fulda

Ausgesuchte Publikationen:

KATRIN-A next generation tritium beta decay experiment with sub-eV sensitivity for the electron neutrino mass

A.Osipowicz et all. (KATRIN-Collaboration)
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Technik und Umwelt, Wissenschaftliche Berichte
FZKA 6691 2001

Characterization of rf-sputtered platinum films by positron annihilation spectroscopy

G. Brauer, W. Anand, E.-M. Nicht, J. Kuriplach, I. Prochazka, A. Osipowicz, P.G. Coleman
Physical Review B 62, 8 5199 (2000)

A New Upper Limit of the Electron Antineutrino Rest Mass from Tritium ß- Decay

H. Backe, H. Barth, J. Bonn, B. Degen, Th. Edling, L. Fleischmann, J. U. Grooß, R. Haid, A. Hermanni, G. Kube, P. Leiderer, Th. Loeken, A. Molz, R.P.Moore, A.Osipowicz, E. W. Otten, A. Picard, M. Przyrembel and Ch. Weinheimer Proc. of the 15 th International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics, Granada, Spain 1992
Nucl. Phys. B Proc. Suppl. 31 (1993) 46
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Proc. of the 3 rd International Symposion on Weak and Electromagnetic Interaction Nuclei, Dubna, Russia,1992,
Editor: Ts. D. Vylov, World Scientific Singapore (1993)

Intense Source of slow Positrons from Pulsed Electron Accelerators

G. Gräff, R. Ley, A. Osipowicz, G. Werth and J. Ahrens
Appl. Phys. A33, 59-62 (1984)

(6P-5D)-Branching Ratio in Ba II

A. Osipowicz and G. Werth
Opt. Comm. 36, 5 (1981) 359