The laboratory is intended to provide practical application examples in the field of computer networks and independent experiments by students in the following fields of education and research:

  • Development and configuration of networks
  • Guarantee of a reliable and secure communication
  • Use of network management and monitoring tools for analysis

Education and Research

  • Internet Engineering (B. Sc./M. Sc)
  • Distributed Systems/Cloud Computing
  • Multimedia Communication
  • Mobile/Peer-to-Peer Networks
  • Network security/network management
  • Cooperations: Cisco, EMC, OpenNMS

Further information and contact

If you have further questions regarding NetLab please visit the laboratory website or contact either one of the following addresses:

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Rieger (Scientific Supervision)
Room: E 126
Phone: +49 (661) 96 40 - 3033

Christoph Seifert (Laboratory Engineer)
Room: E 127
Phone: +49 (661) 96 40 - 309

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