SecLab - IT-Security Lab

SecLab The SecLab was build to allow students to gain practical knowledge in the field of IT security. The laboratory is equipped with components of different network technologies and a variety of operating systems enabling students to gain practical skills in the diverse disciplines of IT security. We are able to build small networks and simulate attack scenarios and vulnerabilities of different applications by using VMware Workstation and related technologies.

Some of the topics that are addressed:

  • The detection and analysis of current malware,
  • Practical application of Sniffing, Spoofing, Denial-of-Service (DoS) and Man-in-the-Middle (mitm) attacks,
  • The usage of cryptographic methods and protocols,
  • The application of authentication techniques as well as identity- and access-management,
  • Practical application of Firewall-Systems and VPN-Techniques,
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability analysis (i.e. using buffer overflows).

SecLabT - Online Learning Plattform

The online learning platform SecLabT allows remote access to the pool of experiments enabling our students a time-and location-independent training schedule. It consists of a web application whereas the experimental environment is running on a linux terminal server. Using this application a student is able to browse and start the available experiments. Next he is provided with login data for the terminal server where he can perform the experiment.

The use of VMware Workstation allows a user to take snapshots on his current progress so that the experiment can be resumed at a later time. Also VMware Workstation allows to work in a sandbox environment where safety critical experiments can be performed without being a risk for the host system or the network of university.

You can access the online learning plattform SecLabT at

The List of tasks and questions for all experiements required for bachelor course "IT-Sicherheit" can be found here.

Further information and contact

If you have further questions regarding SecLab please contact:

Christoph Seifert
Room: E 127
Phone: +49 (661) 96 40 - 309

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